The first question you should ask yourself is what kind of event you are going to. If it is a more formal event, you should wear a dressier top such as a blouse or button-down shirt paired with heels or boots. If it is an informal event, you can wear the same blouse but instead, go for flats or heels with a little more traction.

1. Layering with sweater, blazer and coat!

Layering with sweater, blazer and coat!

Just wear all the trends at once! A warm roll-neck sweater is styled with casual leather pants, a trendy, checked blazer over it and then a brown coat. As if by magic, the look doesn’t look overloaded at all!

2. Band shirt and blazer:

Band shirt and blazer

The somewhat monotonous lower part made of skinny leather pants and pumps is loosened up by a logo shirt. A blazer immediately beams the look into the here and now. 

3. Hard & Cozy

Hard & Cozy

This combo is just gorgeous. A super cuddly sweater is combined with a really hard pair of leather trousers. A checked coat from the same color family makes the look particularly balanced and classy. Flat shoes look very sophisticated and nonchalant.

4. Cropped


What was the biggest trend this summer? That’s right – a small portion of belly free, without a navel. That’s exactly what we can carry with us into autumn! The most important thing: high-rise trousers. A crop top is easy to find. Ankle boots make the style more dressed up.